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Dopey's Home Page

OUR WINERY (update November 2008)

I built this site a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago and am not going to edit the content because it is funny to look back on every now and then. However, check out our family winery which is opening in Vermilion, OH:
  • Paper Moon Vineyards

    Chat Links

  • Virtual Irish Pub
    -This page is very fun, and if you enjoy membership deals, you can join up with them... although you do have to pay a marginal fee...
  • Chatbox
    -Although being brand new to the net, this server has some cool features...
  • The Park
    -If you want to talk about anything, check this out! They have tons of rooms, and all of them are usually occupied...
  • Webchat
    -Not one of my favorites...
  • Lorain County Chat
    -If you check this new server out, you'll have to be patient, because its never crowded... it is good for private chats though...
  • ESPN Sports
    -What more can I say? The title states the whole theme...
  • L'Hotel Chat
    -This is a very awesome site which you can join, although it is often too crowded to go in as a regular guest...
  • Powwow
    -This service is sweet! Its my favorite chat line... you have to download the program to your computer though...
  • Buddha's Chat Lounge
    -Coming in April!
  • WBS Tune
    -Another membership deal, but I don't really use it at all...

    Search Engines

  • Webcrawler
    -This is my favorite online search engine... its easy to use and very quick...
  • Yahoo
    -Great engine and somewhat easy to use...
  • Excite
    -I don't really use this one...
  • Metacrawler
    -If you want to find anything, check this out!
  • Starting Point
    -This isn't too bad, but the connection is somewhat slow...
  • Highway 61
    -61 is a newer agency that has made great progress...
  • Alta Vista
    -Its awesome, what can I say?
  • Info Market
    -This is more for people along the lines of business looking for other companies, incorporations, etc.


  • Aurora's Massive Snowboard Page
    -This page is totally awesome! You have to check it out!
  • Snowboard Dictionary
    -You can look up all kinds of snowboarding terms here!
  • Burton Snowboards
    -Burton rocks! My sister just got a board from them, and they have proven to be my favorite company...
  • About Snowboarding
    -This is great for any kind of boarder, and even those who don't do it at all!
  • Vail Resort
    -If you come here, you'll be surprised on how much time a resort would put into a web page for their tourists...
  • Snowboarding Madness
    -You have to check this one out!


  • Shareware!
    -If you want free shareware, this is the place to go!
  • World Village
    -I can't really check this site out because it takes so long to load... maybe you'll have better luck than me!

    Miscellaneous Links

  • Kellnet
    -This page is from my server and is really cool... he has a couple download areas for free software!
  • Onelink
    -Great links! This site supports basically anyone in Lorain County who would like to be listed... also the founder of the new chat service "Lorain County Chat"...
  • Christy's Net Heaven
    -This is my pal Christy's home on the web... definitely a must see... who in the world is Russell Crowe?
  • Cleveland Indians
    -Come here and you'll find out more on the most awesome baseball team in the history of the major league! Go Tribe!

    My Other Page

  • Dopey's Tuba Kingdom
    -This page is even less advanced than the one you're at now, but when I find the time, I plan on making it much more advanced and exciting to go to...

    There have beenawesome people here since March 21, 1996...


    Awards Section

    This page was completed March 21, 1996
    Last updated February 2, 1999
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